Sunday, 13 November 2011

Project 22: Adjusting the balance between person and space

These two images were both taken in the same location – Conwy, North Wales – during the summer.  I must admit that it was Project 21, making figures anonymous, that I had in mind when out with the camera that morning, but I think these two demonstrate the principle of Project 22 more effectively.

The first is very definitely the picture postcard image of a row of Welsh cottages adjacent to the ‘smallest house in Britain’.  John Hinde would have been proud of me!  There is a figure in the frame – walking into it and providing some scale – but it is essentially an image about place.

In the second, the emphasis has changed quite dramatically.  The figure is in the foreground and therefore takes up more of the frame; the cottages are slightly out of focus; and the figure is doing something, namely speaking on a mobile phone.  The combination of the silver hair and the modern gadget adds another slight twist.  This second image is, I would suggest, much more about narrative and provokes much more questioning for the viewer.  It would be an unlikely image for a John Hinde postcard!

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