Thursday, 27 January 2011

Another from the last shoot

Continuing the theme of experimentation and broadening the scope of what I do, this was an image that came from the same session in Market Place, Huddersfield last week.  Clearly, what happened was that this guy appeared in front of my camera when I was trying to play around with shadow shots using the wide angle lens.  I kept the image, vaguely thinking that I might be able to do something with it.  The original showed almost no detail in his back & head, but with some processing in Lightroom &Photoshop, I produced this result.  It has a dark and sinister feel to it – something threatening about the way he seems to be stalking the people in the shadows; the high contrast between shadow and light; the colour difference between the cold blue grey in his jacket and the warm golden sunlight on the stone; the shadow figures reaching out from him towards the light.
That was never my intention when I was taking these photographs – though I was, to an extent, looking to get whatever I could out of some interesting light in the street.  When Trent Parke took this shot  did he set out to get exactly this?  Or was he just recognising that the combination of low sun and heavy rain would make for interesting light/effects?  And did he need to do some processing afterwards to get the very striking result that he did?  Answers are probably – ‘No’; ‘Yes’; and ‘Yes’, respectively.
This is very different from the type of image I normally take and it makes me feel uncertain.  Is it really me, or am I just playing around for the sake of it?  Do I want to make dark images that might unsettle the viewer?  (I reflect back to the first portrait of Isobel in Assignment One & my tutor’s comparison with Testino.)  But on the other hand, going out into the street and looking for interesting images; pushing the boundaries a little; seeing what ‘emotional’ outcomes there are; letting loose a bit more; all that might be a good thing.

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  1. Foe me this shot works very well Stan. It's one of my favourites from your recent series. I'm reacting to the light and the way both light and colour in the image work with your composition. there is a slight feeling of unease and a strong feeling of atmosphere. Whatever you did to it in processing worked very well indeed.