Sunday, 17 October 2010


Progress made since my first post in here:
  • I have my course material and have read through it.  The first section, on the more 'formal' side of portrait making, looks as though it will need the greatest organisation and planning of the whole course, with eight projects, each of which requires a portrait session, and then the assignment.  Finding enough different subjects, without 'putting-on' relatives and friends too much, will be a challenge.  I have been listing possibles, and sounding a few people out.
  • Have made contact with my tutor, who seems well-suited to support on 'People and Place', judging by images and projects on his website.  I have re-negotiated the deadline on assignment one, on the basis of the amount of organisation required.  I will target mid-December to complete section one and have my assignment ready to submit.
  • I have been 'collecting' examples of 'portraits', or should I say images of people in formal and non-formal (aware and unaware) situations, from The Times.  I've simply been flicking through and picking out images that strike me, one way or another, and cutting them out; and then I figure I can spend some time trying to understand why they have made an impact.
  • I have my first session organised for Tuesday 19th October, for Project One.  I have a subject, and a probable location; plus, I have taken a few 'test shots' without a subject present.  It will be shot under 'ordinary' domestic tungsten lights, so getting the colour right will be tricky, even allowing for the chance to adjust it afterwards.  I might also have to do a little more work on planning the framing for a 'full' portrait.
So, almost under way.

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